Back To Basics with Netflix #Streamteam


In British Columbia, it’s back to school week.  While parents are doing the happy dance, kids are getting into new routines and turning their sharp brains back on.  This September there are some great titles on Netflix to help both the little ones and the older kids learn.  Whether it be the alphabet or70208102_4239734 social skills, there is an offering for everyone.  And as usual – always accessible on your time schedule which is a HUGE plus!

I’m loving Netflix and the fact that I can sit down and watch a show with my boys anytime that works for us.  And I have to say that my husband is addicted.  He has a big list of things he wants to watch and every evening he winds Netflixdown with an episode of a show or a movie.  For me, I barely have time for tv, so I’m thankful for the huge amount of offerings and the ability to choose something when I find the time to sit down.  While I’m very  partial to Dr. Who, I like a romantic comedy, too and Ever After was just perfect!


This month we have watched a few things with the boys.  Our favourite was The Lorax – The Dr. Seuss cautionary tale about the environment.  My boys are well versed in how things change when trees come down as we’ve experienced changes where we live.  This captured their attention and helped them to understand why it’s important to protect living things so that they remain with us, rather than become extinct.   The story is a good one, and one that inspires empathy in us all.  I highly recommend this for children 5 and up.  Even as adults, my husband and I were moved by it.

Below are some of the great offerings from Netflix this month.   I’ve seen most of these and recommend them, also.  In the little kids section, Super Why was one of my boys’ favourites when they were younger.

70267728_405968270125931_3412442Big Kids70044605_3274517

1. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax
2. Ever After: A Cinderella Story
3. Glee
4. Radio
5. The Pursuit of Happyness
6. The Karate Kid70143843_400981960031265_3880703 60020686_8598732
7. Turbo
8. Shrek






Little Kids70222359_964733670155102_318536570234440_3699966

  1. Thomas & Friends: Thomas & His Friends Help Out
  2. Monster Math Squad
  3. Curious GeorgeMonster-Math-Squad_EN_US_571x80070293850_332368670025090_3186092
  4. Super Why!
  5. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  6. Signing Time
  7. Animal ABCs
  8. LeapFrog: Numbers Ahoy





If you haven’t experienced Netflix yet, I highly recommend trying it out.  So many of our friends and family are now subscribers and very happy that they are.  It’s extremely affordable and provides an unending stream of entertainment, as well as educational programming for your kids, at your fingertips.


disclosure:  compensation has been received in the form of product or service for this post.   However, all opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.  These are my thoughts on the service.

Action & Adventure with Netflix – #StreamTeam

NetflixUnless you’ve been living like a hermit in a cave, you’ve likely heard of Netflix.  With its huge selection and the ability to watch what you want when you want, Netflix is the ultimate in entertainment.  We love out Netflix Canada for so many reasons, among them the fact that action and adventure is just a click away.   And for our boys – it’s the most amazing thing for them because I can choose what they watch when I’m ok with them watching tv.  I’m excited to be a member of Netflix’s Stream Team and will be updating you over the next year of all the great stuff they have for your viewing pleasure!

August is all about adventure – it’s summer and, well, it’s just appropriate to have a little adventure in our viewing.  And all that fun doesn’t end in August – Netflix has so much to offer all year round!


August Adventures Netflix Titles

14 titles to share with your kids on Netflix:

For your Bigger Kids:


1. The Adventures of Tintin
2. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
3. Tad: The Lost Explorer
4. The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure
5. National Treasure
6. Labou and the Quest for the Lost Treasure

And for your little ones:

  1. Dora The Explorer
  2. Wild Animal Baby Explorers
  3. Tree Fu Tom
  4. Rubbadubbers: Tubb’s Pirate Treasure
  5. A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures
  6. The Hive

My boys, who are 5 and 7, watched The Adventures of Tin Tin with me. I remember Tin Tin books from when I was in elementary school (a LONG time ago) and I was excited to watch this with them.  It was kind of like watching Indiana Jones, only animated and for kids.  While there were a few tense moments when they cuddled up to me, the final review from the boys was two thumbs up.  They loved it!   I’m now going to find the books so they can have more of Tin Tin and his lovely little dog Snowy.  Tin Tin is definitely one character I’d like to see more of!

Movies like Journey to the Center of the Earth and National Treasure are also great watches, although I’d go a little older with the last one, as far as age appropriateness.

If you have wee ones, Dora is always a hit, and a Turtles Tale are also fun ones to watch.

I also want to mention that there is PLENTY of action and adventure for Mom and Dad to watch when the kids are in bed.  My husband is pretty much a Netflix addict.  He loves unwinding in the evening and Netflix is his go to choice.  Personally I like Dr. Who – nothing like an adventure someplace in the universe, right?  And this is one show the whole family watches around here.

If you don’t have Netflix, definitely look into it.  It’s the most affordable way to watch tv with the whole family.  We have pretty much basic cable and have used Netflix as our primary viewing choice for quite some time now and I think it’s worth every single penny.


disclosure:  compensation has been received in the form of product or service for this post.   However, all opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.  These are my thoughts on the service.

Kraft Dinner – Bringing FUN to Vancouver!

Kraft DinnerThink Vancouver is a no fun city?  Think again!!  It’s time to bring the FUN back to town and Kraft Dinner is doing it right now! With the launch of the first ever KD Fun Shop that took over Granville Square this past week, Kraft Dinner is on a mission to get Canadian’s back to their fun-loving selves.

If you missed the Fun Shop last week – don’t worry!  Right now, a Kraft Dinner Fun Kiosk just might surprise you outside of your transit stop, dry cleaners and more.  If it’s an un-fun place, they might appear to change that.  At the fun Kiosk you get to trade fun for actual goods and services!  Your money isn’t good at a KD Fun Kiosk – it’s all about doing fun things instead.  That simple – and yes, that FUN!

Keep your eyes peeled all around Vancouver – you never know where they might show up.  If you see them, be sure to stop and let a little fun into your life and get rewarded by Kraft Dinner.  The kiosks will be popping up in secret locations across Vancouver from July 23rd to July 31st.

Kraft Dinner FUN FACT

Did you know that KD is the most popular grocery item in Canada?  We eat 55% more KD than American do… and we are the only ones to call it KD.

“We’re on a mission to encourage Canadians to let the fun out from coast to coast,” said Kristen Eyre, brand director, Kraft Dinner, Kraft Canada. “The KD Fun Index helped us to understand the state of fun in Canada.  What we found was that at any given time, only one in five Canadians are having it. Come on, Canada: we can do better than that!”

And just as FUN – KD is giving away an awesome pack to one of my readers!  Each pack includes a wide variety of KD product (you name it, it’s in there), along with premier swag items from the pop-up shop totaling a $100 value. Enter via the rafflecopter below.  Open to Canadians only.

disclosure:  I have received product and/or compensation in return for this post.  All opinions are my own and not based on any compensation.

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