Simple Mason Jar Upcycle for the Bathroom

Mason Jar UpcycleI’m pretty excited about my mason jar upcycle.  My boys are messy and having both their stuff in the same big bowl on the bathroom counter wasn’t working.  It spilled over and across any surface they could find.  Daily.  This quick and easy little project has given them a kind of structure to work within as they each have their own container for their stuff.  I think because it’s personalized no one can blame the other brother for the mess and hey, that works for me!

Mason Jar Upcycle


  • Wide mouth mason jars – use the height best suited for what you will put inside
  • stickers or if you have a die cutting machine, you could use vinyl cutouts
  • spray sealant (optional – I didn’t use it but you can if you like)

When I said this was simple, I wasn’t kidding.  All you do is stick on the letters.  That’s it!  If you are worried about it being straight, you could use a piece of tape across the jar for a straight line and then remove the tape when you are done.  Once you’ve put on the letters, give them a good rub with your finger to ensure that they are sticking well.

These should hold up to a gentle handwash – you can scrub the inside of the jar and rinse the outside of it, patting it dry.  The nice thing about this project is that you can take off the stickers and put new ones on anytime you want to change things up.   I found my jars at a thrift store for 29cents each and I’m a scrapbooker so I had lots of stickers on hand.  The dollar store has letter stickers and because you don’t need to worry about photo-safeness for the stickers, I’d go with those since they are significantly less costly than scrapbook stickers.

My boys love these and have kept their items tidy so these were a win/win for me!

Have you done a mason jar upcycle?  If so, I’d love to know what you made.


Be Inspired to Reach For The Stars – Netflix #StreamTeam


NetflixThis month on Netflix it ‘s all about reaching for your dreams.   With some great new shows coming up this month, your kids can watch others doing just that.  Ever After High – Spring Unsprung has just premiered.  With our childhood fairy tale couples now grown up, this show is all about their children forging creating their own destinies.  Or how about that great little entrepreneur  Ritchie Rich becoming a trillionaire because he didn’t want to eat his veggies?  For your tweens, there is SciGirls with their science and engineering projects and Bob the Builder for the younger set.

Netflix FebruaryNetflix FebruaryNetflix FebruaryFor the older kids, Netflix has some great shows this month. How about watching Dragon’s Den with them so that they can see just how far someone can take a dream?  Or look Into The Mind of a Chef, with Anthony Bourdain.  Who knows, you might just have the next international celebrity chef in your home.

The Mind of a Chef 571X800_DD_A

It’s all about working your plan and getting to where you want to go and this can totally translate to your own kids.   My older son, who is 8, has just discovered the entrepreneurial bug.  At school they saw a video of a boy who, with his dad, created an arcade from cardboard.  This took root and now my son and his friends are working on creating one of their own.  They have big plans to create games, be the bosses, make money (5 cents to play and a quarter for an unlimited pass) and get everyone they know in on the games, which also have prizes.  It’s the first time I’ve seen them so very excited and they are all working together with a goal.  Watching them forge the path to entrepreneurship has been fantastic, even if my home did become creation central headquarters and I have a ton of boxes and items all over.  While I might end up footing the bill for the prizes, it’s a good exercise for them in learning how to make things happen.

I really want to encourage my boys to reach for the dreams – whether that be saving for something they really want or planning and working hard to bring about an event or activity.  I loved the idea that was shared with those of us on the Stream Team to create a star banner with their dreams and aspirations on it.

We are working on our own version of this with my boys starting a vision board.   All it takes is a bunch of magazines (or you can print pictures off the internet if you can’t find what you are looking for in a magazine) a nice big piece of cardboard, some scissors and some glue.  Cut out the pictures that represent what your goals are and glue them to the board.  Keep it where you can see it to inspire you to reach for your dreams.  And while the kids are working on their’s, why not make one for yourself, too!