The ‘Ugly Truth’ – Everybody Lies #StreamTeam

LIAR LIARLiar Liar Pants on Fire, Hang Them on a Telephone Wire.  That’s a line I hear often.  Oh, not directed at me (usually) but it’s something my kids learned and, well, it’s the truth.  We all do it – everybody does it – because lies make life easier.  Yes, everybody lies, and I’m betting no matter who you think of, they’ve probably told a few little white ones at the very least.

When it comes to kids, though, they can spin some whoppers.   If they didn’t get their homework done, chances are the teacher is going to hear a carefully crafted tale to cover up the fact that they forgot.  If they are late home from an outing, they’ll probably have a well-thought out (at least to them)NETFLIX CLIFFORD reason for it.  And as parents, we do it all the time.  Think Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, the fact that too many video games will rot their brains.  Most of the lies we tell are little (or big) white lies.  They aren’t intended to hurt, but rather to ease the way.  That last one, though, might backfire if your kids like zombies.

One of my boys gets his name on the board at school with great frequency. He doesn’t like it and sometimes he tells me that he didn’t get it on there even once.  I usually know, though, because his teacher tells me.  It’s made for some good learning discussions.  I don’t get mad at him for having his name on the board because I know he’s trying and that he wants to be good.  The problem is that most of those times its because he’s being silly.  This past month both my boys were grounded from screens – no iPad, no TV, no computer, no nothing.  The only time they got to enjoy them was watching movies as a family.  During the last week of their grounding, I gave them the opportunity to earn back a little of their grounding time and one of the ways the younger one could do it was by not having his name on the board.  I found it rather amazing that he instantly became the perfect student and would report that he didn’t get it up there even once.

Now, I’m a Mom and with that comes special super powers, one of which is my ability to get my kids to tell the truth.  It’s actually pretty simple – I look at them and say “Truth?”.  By looking right into their eyes, I somehow have this magic ability to make them cave.  While I’m not holding out for it to work in the teen years, I’m loving it now.   When I asked my younger son that question, he caved every time.

1152469_1583692 (1)I love the little lies they make up to explain their actions.  It takes a lot of creative thinking to come up with stuff like how kid A did something to kid B and then they got in trouble for it instead.  It takes even more creative thinking to create a whole backstory about how things played out, complete with visual descriptions of what everything looked like.  Since so much of it seems to be reflective of Minecraft, though, I can usually tell the reality from the story.

When someone asks you how you’re doing, do you ever tell them how your really feel, or do you say ‘fine’ and carry on?  Do you tell someone you like the dress they are wearing (that they love) even if you don’t?  Do you tell your kids everything will be alright, when you don’t really know what’s going to happen?  These are all the little white lies we share to help other people’s lives be better.  And it’s ok.

It’s important to remember that there can be an ugly side to it all, though. When kids tell lies about others with the intent to hurt feelings, that’s not ok.  When they transfer blame consistently, it’s usually an indication that something is wrong.  And the worst lies they tell are to themselves.  Things like “I’m too fat, too thin, too ugly, too stupid, I’ll never be good enough”, those are the dark side of lies.  And it happens.

It’s up to us as parents to help them dissect those lies and to give them the tools to move forward.  Straight up talks, sharing our own stories, reminding them to be empathetic and even the opportunity to speak with a counselor or trusted person can help them to see the truth.

One way you can bring up the topic of lies is by watching a show where it happens.  Seeing the results there, the impact that it has on others, can make a big difference.  It opens the door to a good conversation.  And that is always a positive thing.

netflix bloodlineIn April, Netflix has some great titles on board so over the next month or so, be sure to catch a few of them.  For the littles, there is Curious George – The Truth About George Burger and Clifford The Big Red Dog – The Kibble Crook.  For the bigs there is Mean Girls (a great movie about kid problems) and iCarly – i Promise not to tell.

And if you have teens, there are some good shows for parents and teens alike – how about Liar Liar and Pretty Little Liars (you can’t get any more on topic than that!).  The Netflix Original called Bloodline is all about a family with dark secrets – grab the older kids and make it a family show night.  Enjoy a good show or movie and use that to springboard your discussion.


Have your kids told any great whoppers?  If so, please share, I’d love to hear them.

 disclosure: I am a member of Netflix’s StreamTeam and I receive product in order to watch and share.  All opinions and thoughts are my own and not influenced in any way.

DIY Outdoor Planter Makeover

DIY Outdoor Planter MakeoverI love simple makeovers and this DIY outdoor planter box one was just that – simple.   I’d been looking for a couple of  planters for my deck and I lucked out on a Facebook auction and picked these two up for $20.  They were sturdy, but ugly.  Thankfully there is an easy fix for ugly.  Spray paint is your friend when it comes to simple DIY makeovers because it can change the whole look of an item.  You do have to apply a little elbow grease first, because all paint jobs need a decent surface to stick to, but in this case it was fairly easy.

First I took a small hand broom and brushed the entire surface off, getting rid of loose dirt and spider webs in the process.

Then I got out the hose and gave it a good wash, using my little broom to scrub the surface.   After that I let it dry in the sun for a few hours.

DIY outdoor planter makeover

Once it was completely dry and I’d given it a little extra time to ensure the wood wasn’t damp inside, out came the spray paint – a nice red to match my deck colours – and I got busy.  Because the wood was worn and the old stain was pretty much gone in many places it was fairly porous, so this took 3 coats to cover it all over.  I made sure to lay a tarp down to protect the little back deck we have, and you should also put on a mask as spray paint isn’t healthy to breathe in.

DIY outdoor planter  makeover

The end product was worth the time it took to complete, don’t you think?

DIY outdoor planter makeover


Do you have an older planter box that could use a little bit of a revival?